Allergen immunotherapy is the only cure for allergies. Oral allergen immunotherapy is comfortable as the allergen can be dropped or sprayed into the mouth by the patient him/herself.  

To further improve the safety and efficacy of oral allergen immunotherapy, we entrap the allergen into biodegradable PLGA microspheres. The microparticles are further decorated with Alaurea aurantia lectin (AAL). AAL is derived from an edible mushroom and specifically directs the microparticles to immune checkpoints in the mouth and intestine. 

Figure:  Building of  AAL-PLGA-allergen microparticle.


Patent family

Antigen-containing microspheres for the treatment of allergies.
Inventors: Jensen-Jarolim Erika, Roth-Walter Franziska, Gabor Franz.
WO200500274, patented in Europe, US, Australia, Canada, Japan.

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