Imaging Cage

The safety of new vaccines is a great concern. In case of systemic allergic reactions - called anaphylactic shock - the body temperature significantly drops and also physical activity is impaired.

Safety data from preclinical mouse models have predictive value for later clinical studies. Biomed therefore engaged in the development of an automated biomedical device for monitoring small laboratory animals. The "Imaging cage" can be used in laboratories to monitor physical activity simultaneously with body temperature in small animals. 

The beta-version of the Imaging Cage is developed in collaboration with the Austrian Institute of Technology, supported by FFG and by the aws - Austria Wirtschaftsservice. 

Figure: Imaging and real pictures of 4 mice in cage. Red: hot body areas, blue: coldest.

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Published Biomed Patent

EP 13 15 8620.8; US 14/204,570 - 2013-03-11. Non-invasive temperature and physical activity measurement of animals. 

Inventors: Jensen-Jarolim Erika, Flaschberger I.

Scientific publications

Anaphylaxis imaging: Non-invasive measurement of temperature and physical activity of small animals.
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