Spiked Allergens  

Many allergens from different plant, animal, fungal sources belong to the lipocalin family. Importantly, the loading state of  lipocalins with ligands determines their capacity to induce allergy. Siking of lipocalin allergens with ligands turns them tolerogenic.

This can be exploited for improving allergen immunotherapy: allergens are spiked with siderophore-iron complexes to counterbalance allergy. This work is supported by the aws - Austria Wirtschaftsservice.


Figure: The lipocalin-like major birch pollen allergen Bet v 1 (turquoise) binds the complex of 3 catechols (grey) : 1 iron (red ball) in its pocket. The affinity achieved is outstanding (kcal/mol: -9,8). Model by Prof. L.F. Pacios, Madrid.


Published Patent 

Method and means for diagnosing and treating allergy. 
Inventors: Roth-Walter Franziska, Jensen-Jarolim Erika, Gomez-Casado Cristina, Diaz Perales Araceli, Fernandez Pacios Luis, Josef Singer.
WO 2015/104270 A1. 13. 01.2014


Scientific Publications

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