Tumor vaccine

Cancer is an increasing threat with a great demand for novel, improved therapies. Vaccines can help the patient to build up own protective immunity. 

In a joint project, MediGene, Martinsried, Germany, and Biomed developed a new generation of anti-cancer vaccines targeted against the HER-2 molecule. Her-2 is expressed in breast cancer, but also on many other tumor entities such as ovarian and gastric cancer.

The new vaccine is based on HER-2 mimotopes displayed by Adeno-associated virus-like particles (AAVLPs) and has proven effective in preclinical models.





Figure: This AAVLP particle (blue) shows a dense display of HER-2 mimotope peptides on its surface (red). 

Published Biomed Patent

WO2013037961 (A1) - 2013-03-21. Anti-Her2 vaccine based upon AAV derived multimeric structures.

Inventors: Michaelis Uwe, Jensen-Jarolim Erika, Rehfuss Christoph, Weghofer Margit.

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