Biomed´s Imaging Cage

Non-invasive Preclinical Research

Safety data from preclinical models are indispensable in drug development. Biomed therefore developed an automated biomedical device for monitoring small laboratory animals. The “Imaging cage” can be used to continuously over time record physical 3D-activity simultaneously with body temperature changes. The cage allows non-invasive measurements and therefore contributes to the 3R´s – Refinement of animal studies.

The Imaging Cage was invented in collaboration with crossip communications GmbH, Vienna, and the prototype developed in cooperation with the Austrian Institute of Technology.

Intellectual property

Patent: EP2777490A1; US US9282725B2, 2013-03-11. Non-invasive temperature and physical activity measurement of animals. Inventors: Erika Jensen-Jarolim (Biomed), Ingo Flaschberger (crossip comm. GmbH)

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Key publications

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